Where did my airdrop go

I am totally new to this but I have been buying XPRT for about a year now and I received some $PSTAKE but now I can’t find it. there used to be a site where I could type my XRPT address in and it would tell me I had 1xxxx $PSTAKE but I never could figure out how to put it in my wallet or if that was even possible. Have I lost my $PSTAKE airdrop?
P.S. I finally figured how to get a Metamask wallet

Hello, please check you tokens by entering your wallet address in etherscan.

To add $PSTAKE Token to Metamask

Follow these steps

  1. Open metamask popup
  2. Select Assets and scroll down
  3. Import Tokens
  4. Select “Custom token”
  5. Paste token Contact address: 0xfB5c6815cA3AC72Ce9F5006869AE67f18bF77006
  6. Hit “Add Token Contact” Button