100 XRPT, 100 ATOM STAKE is too high for community

As a community we want you to reduce the eligibility for Air drop coz 90% off staker are not holding that much. the real community is holding way less. The real community on a support you in long run. We want you to reduce to 20 XPRT or 30 XPRT make real community eligible for airdrop.

Here is what you should keep.

5 ATOM or 20/30 XPRT staking till specific time to make your real low investor also eligible.

PersistenceOne will be more success if you distribute large community as more people will stake thus helping project to grow. High probability of success with large community.

You can bring new projects to airdrop by pushing people to stake more on different validators.

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Like 10 atom or 15 imo if it’s too low, many will take advantage of it

Technically incorrect statement. We have seen projects flourishing with large audience. Just giving airdrop to big bags is injustice to it’s real community.

it seems to me like this is yet more entitlement mentality. You missed out, get over it and move on.

No actually I was talking about community unlike your ration mentality. I staked around 300 per acc7-9 account, juno/atom/xprt. So im pretty much fine with hunting aridrops and staking them even more for future airdrops.

I was talking about people who missed such opportunity because of high eligibility so that they get like you you got few tokens.