'Aprove stkATOM Spend Limit transaction' on Metamask stuck

I’m trying to mint some bATOM and have been following the instructions in this guide;

I get to step #3, and as a first time user; I apparently need to sign an approval transaction on MetaMask to allow the conversion. This is where I get stuck every time.

This transaction shows as ‘pending’ on Metamask, but never completes. I’ve hit the ‘speed up’ option and juice it with very high Eth fees, but it still hangs here and eventually fails.

Note: the MetaMask account is linked to a Ledger and the Ethereum app is active when I start it and I’ve enabled ‘blind’ transactions. The transaction never shows up on the Ledger device, it just says ‘Application is ready’ until it goes into a sleep mode.

Any advice is welcome…