$ATOM holders airdrops

My atom address :cosmos19ysz49pagau0mlykjzceeg9gpv9es3quewnq4p

① First of all, I confirmed that I have 208 airdrops.

② Then I transferred 0.000001 ATOM as required with the wallet address of the pledged ATOM, but I forgot my notes.

③Later, I used my keplr wallet to transfer money as required and noted the ETH address.

(my keplr address:cosmos1vxykcs9pyjkrnlv9vc4kaf4s6snprrsk8skzdl)

(My ETH address: 0x3566ab5289cf2054cd1cd6fd064d7771a09d163b)

④Finally, remind me of this, how to deal with it?

That’s all ,thanks for listening,I hope to get a reasonable solution. I would like to express my sincere respect for the project.

Hi Mate,

Did you get your Airdrop?

I got stuck here too.

Not yet, still waiting for the staff to solve it.

You need to make sure the address holding the atom during the snapshot is the same address you’re inputting here and the eth address sending the transaction is where you want the tokens sent. This is what I did anyway and it worked, however I’m still waiting on tokens. That’s why I’m here actually, trying to find out when they may magically appear…

Hi all

As atom stacker I’m eligible and followed all the airdrops steps.

Would you please confirm if the claim adress is a ETH adress … I put my defi ETH adress`. Is it correct ?

Also would you let me know witch kind of token has to be receive ?

thank you for the time taken