Bought Pstake finance on Coinlist

I bought Pstake tokens on the Coinlist sale, now i was wondering(because you have to add a wallet) can i use Metamask?
And how do i add Pstake tokens in Metamask?

Yes, you can add any ERC-20 wallet address. Tokens will be send to that address for all the unlocks.
NOTE: Please do not provide exchanges wallet address

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Good day! I am writing through a translator, I apologize for the grammar! Instruction letter arrived! But it is not clear which address to indicate! There is no pSTAKE coin anywhere. Each coin has its own address. If I specify a coin from the ECR-20 network, for example ETH, then when you send coins to this address, pSTAKE coins will be lost, do I understand correctly?! So the question is: which coin address should I indicate in response to your letter?! Help me please!

$PSTAKE Token is not yet launched therefore you can’t find it anywhere.

No, ERC20 wallet address can hold multiple tokens.
Therefore would request you to add your metamask wallet address and all your tokens will be listed in one wallet address.

In the address that coinlist asked me to send me the tokens, I put the metamask eth main network (translated from Spanish, sorry for the drama)

In what network tokens will be distributed? Cosmos?

Hi guys, where should I put my address on Coinlist so I could get tokens?

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I was able to find the place, but have I done everything in time for receiving tokens?

If you participated in the CoinList sale and haven’t received any email, please click on this link and you should be able to submit your address here -

Please note that, the link won’t work for you if you are not a participant in the sale.