Coinlist problem alocation

Hello, my problem is the following way I participated in the sale on the coinlist out of ignorance and bad information I put the external address on the coinlist (stock exchange) and the coins did not come to me my question is as follows I have any chance sami get the allowance? from the beginning I apologize for the inconvenience, and at the same time for some words that are not understood (I use google translate)

I tried to write through all the groups, nobody noticed me, only crooks who want to deprive me of coins.
please help me with an answer I’m desperate (I apologize from the start but I use translate and I may not be able to express myself correctly)

Hello, the last date for address change was 20th March 2022. Unfortunately we won’t be able to change the address now as the list has been frozen.

Well, I understand correctly, won’t I receive the coins anymore?

No, we have already sent the tokens from our side and tokens must be in your stock exchange wallet.

Здравствуйте. Я так же принимал участие в токен сейле на коин листе. И передал всю информацию вам на почту для получения токенов. но ни чего не пришло.

Hello, this email ID is not in our database.