Collabration proposal

Hello, I’m Janice from Deri Protocol. Who should I get in touch with regarding a potential collaboration?

Please find below our brief proposal, we could arrange a call to discuss the details.

Currently, users can stake BNB assets while earning DeFi yields on your platform. We can work together to expand the scope to stablecoins holders who want to earn DeFi yields but do not want to bear the PoS asset price movement.

How it works:
A user deposits m BUSD
m BUSD will be swapped to a+b BNB
a BNB stake on your platform to earn the yield
b BNB will be used to short BNB on the Deri protocol

If the BNB price goes up, the user can withdraw more BUSD.
If the BNB price dump, the user makes profits on the short position. The user can withdraw (a+b)*BNB price + pnl. This amount will be greater than m BUSD.

Hello Deri,

Please if you can DM me on telegram @madhursatija. Will take it forward from there.

Thank you!