How can we improve pSTAKE app UI/UX? (Feedback Thread)

Hello stakers,

We are constantly working on improving our UI/UX, therefore would like to invite all of our community members for feedbacks and improvements for a third eye prospective. :point_down:

Things we can discuss upon:

  1. Which current feature you like the most?
  2. What all can we do better?
  3. Future features you think can add more value to the product?
  4. Bugs & functionality optimisation

The best feature is being able to claim your rewards from multiple validators at once.
I think a new feature to add could be if people could schedule rewards claims and staking…I claim my rewards almost everyday and then stake them again…but being able to schedule this somehow would be :fire::fire:
I love the whole platform!!! Thank u so very much…

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