How to unlock airdrop in Keplr wallet?


I have got first portion of the airdrop to my Keplr wallet. As i read in the pstake blog the rest can be unclocked when I deposit and stake at least 20 ATOM OR 100 XPRT via pSTAKE (mint 20 stkATOM or 100 stkXPRT) in the eligible ERC20 wallet before 20th March 2022 → I assume the metamask wallet (ERC20 address) is required to this. But later It is written:
“A dedicated article will be released for ATOM, XPRT and OSMO stakers (who do not have an eligible ERC20 address) after the first airdrop distribution (which will be sent to all eligible airdrop recipients).” Where is this article ? How can I unlock my remaining pstake tokens with Keplr wallet ?

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I agree they are leaving it a bit late for this “dedicated article” considering the cut off date is March 20th!

For sure. I entered an ERC-20 address but never got any airdrop. is it distributed?

yes first drop distributed. Try looking your address up on

Airdop has been distributed already, please check your persistence chain address for $PSTAKE airdrop.