Metamsak wallet connected to Pstaking hacked

Hi. I’v got my Metamsk Wallet hacked recently. This wallet is connected to Pstaking (ETH/ATOM). I would like to replace the current metamask wallet address (hacked) with a new address. Is that possible? Thank you.

Hello, yes. You can simply transfer your stkATOM tokens (Just like any other token) from hacked wallet address to new wallet.

I am not so familiar with doing that. Can you help me describing how to send stkATOM tokens to the new wallet? I guess I will need some ETH for gas fees?

You simply connect your new wallet to pSTAKE platform
It will help to add stkatom on your metamask.
Once that is done,
Visit your old metamask,
Go to send tokens and paste your new metamask stkatom wallet address.
You do need to pay Ethereum gas fees to do this transfer so make sure you have enough Ethereum in your old hacked wallet.
Once this is done, press on send and wait for tnx to process.

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