Moving Atom from Exchange to PStake


I’m fairly new to the defi world and am seeking guidance.

I have been staking Atom through Kraken platform for some time and am now wanting to move it. I also collateralise bEth and bLuna on Terra and would like to earn secondary yield on stkAtom

I can only withdraw from Kraken to a Cosmos wallet address, i.e. my Keplr wallet. My problem is that, in order to interact with PStake, my Atom needs to be in Metamask wallet. I have tried moving it via the Terra Bridge but am unable to recover it onto the Eth network from there.

I am fairly clear on the steps necessary to stake and transfer/ convert to bAtom on Terra, but would be grateful for any pointers in the steps necessary to take the Atom from the Cosmos ecosystem and convert to wrapped Atom on Ethereum.

Also, some clarification on the contract address of the wrapped token would be appreciated.

I am sure I can’t be the only one struggling with this but can’t see any FAQ. If one exists that has eluded me then I would be very grateful for a link.

Looking forward to any help in this and thanking you in advance.



  1. Transfer your ATOMs to your cosmos address.
  2. Follow this tutorial to mint stkATOM form ATOM: pSTAKE Tutorial using Keplr Wallet [Direct Staking] - YouTube
  3. Follow this tutorial to Collatoraise your stkATOM: Minting & Collateralizing bATOM: User Guide - pSTAKE Blog

Note: In this process you would be using 3 wallets (i.e Keplr, Metamask & Terra station)

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