My MetaMask after the First Token Distribution is hacked

Dear pStake team,

my name is Ioannis Topalidis and I took part on the Coinlist token sale on 16th December.

Now my problem is that my MetaMask wallet has been hacked.

The good think is that I already took away my tokens from ( 25%) of the first distribution but two days ago as I funded my wallet with Ethereum, it didn’t showed up, but it was transferred automatically to an unknown wallet into seconds and on the bnb chain all my tokens were stole.

So my question is can you change my wallet address?

I know during the registration it was said that you get only one wallet address but now it is hacked and I need to change it immediately.

Hi there once you have submitted your wallet address to coinlist, you cant make any changes.

My tokens are all stolen, so I don’t care anymore.

Really sad to hear that sir.