Qualified for Airdrop, Confirmed Erc-20 But did not Receive

I qualified for Airdrop. As an Atom staker receive 864 and OSMO staker receive 540

Had my MetaMask Erc-20 verified but did not receive any P-Stake.

Please provide assistance.

Thank you

I also qualified for the pstake airdrop by virtue of ERC-20 tokens in my Metamask. I got the Persistence chain set up on my keplr wallet and the wallet address approved with tokens told would be airdropped to it on Feb 24th. As of the morning of the 25th, have not seen any XPRT tokens or pStake in either my Metamask or keplr wallets.

Same. I get the airdrop will be sent and input my Persistance address, but no coins sent to persistance or the memo Metamask address I input. Anyone have any insight what we’re doing wrong or if just have to wait?

FYI Guys, I found on their twitter that it looks like the airdrop is moved to tentative March 8th

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Well that is good to know. Every link I google talks about the airdrop of the 24th. By the way, how do you get the persistence address to work for staked atom on Exodus? I am told I can claim 353 $pstake after filling in my cosmos address for atom and then when I fill in the persistence address I have on keplr wallet, I get “airdrop address and keplr address not matched”.

Hello, $PSTAKE airdrop tokens will be distributed on or after 8th of March, 2022. Please keep an eye on our announcement channels for updates on the same.

Please refer to this tutorial for how to claim your tokens: How to submit wallet address for $PSTAKE Airdrop - YouTube

Tokens will be distributed in your submitted persistence wallet address.

ok, I have been checking this wallet daily (my kepler wallet) with the persistence address. First of all, did the first airdrop actually occur on March 8?

Secondly, I have been told that I am eligible for both ATOM and Metmask distributions of pstake. As of this morning (March 9) when I checked my kepler wallet under the persistence network, I did not see any pstake tokens. But I did see (way at the bottom of the wallet), a Gravity address with the Gravity symbol and the word tokens. Below that was 87,000,0000 or close to it. These appeared for the first time the evening of March 8 EST ( I live in Virginia). So what on earth does that mean? Are those actual Gravity tokens sitting in my wallet?


I was going to get an airdrop for my persistence and entered and ERC-20 address but did not get anything. If I entered in the airdrop site it says Im not eligible.

Any Idea what can be wrong?

Airdrop tokens are already distributed.