Questions from a New stkATOM holder about Osmosis Zone

Good Morning! I have staked some ATOM and I see stkATOM in the Persistence chain portion of my Kepler wallet. Two questions: is there any plan to incentivize a pool on Osmosis Zone AND is there any way to see the valuation on the Kepler Dashboard? (By the way, if you get in early and register early, you might even be able to secure your first name as a username!)

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Hey Josh

Yes, we’ll be incentivizing the stkATOM/ATOM Stableswap pool on Osmosis. You can expect the external incentives to live in a few hours from now. Please stay tuned on our Discord or Twitter for all updates.

As for valuation, do you mean how much your stkATOM is worth in ATOM?

More specifically I am asking about a value in terms of USD appearing in my wallet dashboard. When I look at the Kepler dashboard (see below), I note that my 80 ATOM with a valuation of approx $1,000 has become stkATOM but it doesn’t appear with any value in terms of USD. It just looks like I lost $1,000 even though I know better LOL.


Thanks for clarifying Josh.

We have already pointed this out to the Keplr team. It is now pending on contract of keplr and pstake/persistence.

I understand any inconvenience this may have caused. But this should be fixed pretty soon.