Reducing the voting period on the pSTAKE Snapshot Proposals


This proposal suggests reducing the pSTAKE governance Snapshot voting period from the current 7+1 days to a more streamlined 4+1 days, where “+1 day” represents the voting delay period before the commencement of voting on any proposal. This change aims to enhance decision-making efficiency and agility within the pSTAKE community.


In March 2022, pSTAKE formally introduced its community governance framework with the following voting system:

  • Once a proposal is posted, there is a 1-Day Voting Delay period before the start of the voting period.
  • After the delay period, the proposal enters a 7-Day Voting Period, during which all PSTAKE holders are invited to vote (For, Against, or Abstain) on the live proposal.

Since the inception of pSTAKE Community Governance, 18 proposals have been successfully voted on without encountering any issues or spam proposals, demonstrating the effectiveness of the governance process.

As pSTAKE continues to grow and evolve rapidly, it is proposed to modify the voting period for governance proposals to a 4-day period with a preceding 1-day Voting Delay period. It is believed that a shorter period of 4 days should be sufficient for decision-making, allowing pSTAKE to implement changes more swiftly and enabling the community to move forward efficiently. This adjustment is aimed at fostering a more dynamic and agile governance environment.

Provide Feedback

Input and suggestions on this matter are highly valued as efforts continue to make the governance process more efficient and aligned with the community’s needs.

  1. Do you agree that the current 7-day voting period could be too lengthy for effective decision-making at times?
  2. Are any challenges anticipated with the proposed adjustment to a 4+1 day framework?
  3. Are there other adjustments to the voting period that are believed to better serve the community?

Next Steps

  1. Feedback will be gathered from the pSTAKE community on this proposal.
  2. Based on the community’s input, a snapshot proposal to officially change the voting period will be put forth.