XPRT Holder - How to get 2nd Airdrop?

Have XPRT staking at https://wallet.persistence.one/

How can I get second airdrop?
How do I stake 100 XPRT via pstake to get airdrop?
How to get a valid ERC20 address to get airdrop (only have xprt)?

“A dedicated article will be released for ATOM, XPRT and OSMO stakers (who do not have an eligible ERC20 address) after the first airdrop distribution (which will be sent to all eligible airdrop recipients).”

Full Allocation Eligibility Requirement Update

Previously, participants were required to stake at least 20 ATOM or 100 XPRT via pSTAKE in order to receive reward batches 2-6. We have now dispensed with this requirement based on community feedback.

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